Party of Communists USA

September 8, 2022 Statement by the Secretariat of the PCUSA

We of the Party of Communists USA are amazed by the baseless accusations of those that we once considered comrades, people who we welcomed into our homes and shared meals. This is merely a public attack against a communist party by people objectively doing the work of the bourgeois federal government. To paraphrase comrade Lenin, whenever one is doing something that objectively benefits the ruling class, then it is wrong. These accusations help no one but the ruling class, the enemies of communism.

The accusations leveled against us of working with the FBI and right wing websites are as ridiculous as they are unprovable. It is simply laughable that a communist party would tell the FBI to sign up for an email listing using an FBI email address. Unfortunately, the very nature of these accusations, their anonymity, means that the wreckers can no more prove that we posted their websites on 4Chan as we can disprove it. As such, we shall simply ignore these accusations. 

  “A Party that cannot defend itself should not exist.” -Vladimir Lenin
  “People come and go, but the Party remains.” – Joseph Stalin

We will take legal action to defend the Party against the actions of the anti-Party wreckers and their theft of the Party websites and social media. These websites and social media are owned, built, and paid for by Party workers and are not the wreckers’ right to take.

The PCUSA continues to fight and uphold the torch of a Marxist-Leninist vanguard party and we understand that this is not possible for everyone. As such, the Party is a voluntary organization which means anyone who wishes to leave the Party can leave when they want. However, when one leaves the Party and tries to destroy it, then one’s motives for joining in the first place are questionable.  

If you would like to know more, you can see our 8 Points of Unity and our Constitution on our revamped website here:   

You can also see our revamped League of Young Communists website here:   

“Forward ever, backwards never!” – Maurice Bishop, assassinated leader of the New JEWEL Movement, the Communist Party of Grenada.  

Political Bureau, 
Central Committee,
of the Party of Communists USA

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