Party of Communists USA

LYCUSA 2nd Congress 2022 Greetings

Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism

All India Democratic Students Organization

All India Democratic Youth Organization

All India Students Federation

All-Union Communist Party of the Bolsheviks (VKPB)

Bangladesh Youth Union

Colectivos de Jovenes Comunistas – Spain

Communist League of Finland

Communist Party of Albania

Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Communist Youth Association of Germany (KJVD)

Communist Youth-Communist Workers’ Party (Finland)

Communist Youth Front Mexico (FJC)

Communist Youth of Denmark (DKU)

Communist Youth of Sweden (SKU)

Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG)

Communist Youth Union of Russia

Comuna Ecuador

Congolese Communist Party

Connolly Youth Movement

Democratic Youth Federation of India (text)

Democratic Youth Federation of India (video)


Free German Youth (FDJ)

Iraqi Democratic Youth Federation

Jovenes Por El Socialismo – Mexico (JPS)

Juventud Comunista de Bolivia (JCB)

Juventud Comunista de Mexico (JCM) (text)

Juventud Comunista de Mexico (JCM) (video)

Juventud Comunista de Venezuela (JCV)

Juventud Popular Socialista (JPS)

Juventud Vanguardista Costarricense (JVC)

Juventudes Infantistas (text)

Juventudes Infantistas (video)

JVP Trade Union – Sri Lanka

Kerala Socialist Youth Federation (KSYF)

KIFAH Tunisia

Kurdistan Youth Federation

Labor United Educational League (LUEL)

League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia (SKOJ)

Lorena Serantes

Mazdoor Kissan Party – Pakistan

Moroccan Socialist Youth Organization (JS Morocco) (text)

Moroccan Socialist Youth Organization (JS Morocco) (video)

Movement for Peoples Democracy (MPD)

New Outlook Publishers (NOP)

Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF)

Palestine Communist Youth Union (CY Palestine)

Partido Comunista do Povo Galego – PCPG

Party of Communists Kyrgyzstan

PC(AP) Chile (text)

PC(AP) Chile (video)

Partit Comunista dels Comites Catalans (PCCC)

Pemuda Revolusioner (PR Indonesia)

Popular Student Current Chile (CEP)

Progressive Center for a Pan-American Project (PCPAP)

Progressive Youth of Poland

Provisional Organizing Committee (POC, now the American Student Union ASU)

People’s School for Marxist-Leninist Studies (PSMLS)

Revolutionary Communist Youth Union (Bolsheviks) (RKSM(b))


Revolutionary Youth Association (RYA)

Socialist Students Union of Bangladesh

Swaziland Youth Congress (SWAYOCO)

Swiss Communist Youth

Syrian Communist Youth Union – Khaled Bagdash Youth

Syrian Democratic Youth Union (of the Syrian Unified Communist Party)

Union of Basque Communists (EKB)

Women for Racial and Economic Equality (WREE)

Workers Democratic Way Party – Morocco

Workers Party of the DR Congo

Young Communist League of Kenya

Young Communist League Nepal

Young People’s Socialist League (YPSL, of the Socialist Party of America)

Youth for a Communist Renaissance in France (JRCF)

Youth Front Austria

Youth of Congreso del Pueblo Uruguay (JCP)

Youth Socialist Union of Brazil

Zimbabwe African People’s Union Youth Front (ZAPU)

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